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The 44" SOLAR LASERS SYSTEM byAcro Solar Lasersmakes up to 100 gallons of hot water per day and stores energy in an insulated sphere. The dish tracks the sun on both vertical and horizontal axis using two tiny motors. The unit runs on ac or dc power and draws only milliamps. Power used by the tracking computer is very low, less than 100 milliamps average. The system uses a small circulator pump, which runs when the unit is tracking the sun. The Pump circulates water through the focal point of the mirrored dish where an average 1000 watts of heat is available. The 44-inch dish is ideal for heating domestic hot water or heating spas.

These computer-managed dishes are also perfect for science fairs and have taken first place in several science fairs. Some of the unique features include a fiber optic eye, and no-hunt tracking circuits. The fiber optic scope provides wide-angle sun finding ability as well as precision tracking. The no-hunt circuits mean that the tracking motors do not scan back and forth across the target sun when tracking on target. The Solar Tracking Computer also manages the total system by monitoring and controlling water pump, temperature, electric power source, and battery backup power out. This Small computer will park the dish when a maximum storage temperature is reached or any abnormal condition is sensed. The dish automatically turns back to the east sun at sun down to await the morning sun.

High-energy collection efficiency, low cost per BTU collected, and long life add up to better-cost efficiency than other types of collectors. High collector efficiency is a result of tracking as the dish looks dead ahead into the sun throughout the daylight hours. High heat transfer ratios are achieved by concentrating the dish's area of sun light into a very small-insulated copper heat receiver located in the focal point. Cost is greatly reduced over conventional roof type fixed collectors. This is true because of the yards and yards of copper plate, copper tubing, glass covered boxes, mounting legs, and associated hardware required for a conventional roof type collectors have been eliminated. Our small heat receiver replaces 75 to 100 square feet of copper sheet metal.

Larger versions of the SOLAR LASER SYSTEM include a 14-foot dish peaking at 1500 gallons of hot water per day, and an eight-foot peaking at 500. Both these larger dishes can be used for heating homes, green houses, domestic water heating, pools, spas and even ponds. The larger units have been built since 1978. The 44-inch dish was developed about 1993. The 14 foot version uses three tiny motors for motion and still only draws milliamps of total power.

Dec. 2006 - All Dish Kits now use extremely quite and even more efficient motors for tracking motion.

Please refer to price list on the Acro Solar Catalog page or by clicking on the following catalog number link.

44 - Inch Dish Kit:Cat.# DK0044                                                                                         

8- Foot Dish Kit: Cat.# DK0008

14 - Foot Dish Kit:Cat.# DK0014


Dish Kit


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