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The Official Acro Solar Lasers Website and Catalog!!
We design and build small, medium, and large computer guided solar units.
The solar laser system can heat homes, pools, spas, as well as domestic hot water.

This 8 foot dish heats this swimming pool.

This 8 foot computer guided Solar Laser System tracks the sun on two axis and heats this pool.

The blue 250 gallon tank middle right stores energy for home heat and hot water.
We also make a Photovoltaic Tracker. Increase your electrical output with a two axis PV Tracker.

Please review the Acro Catalog for efficient solar implementation and pricing for our products.
Call today and let us answer your questions about solar energy!

Acro Solar Lasers

Heating homes,pools and spas since 1978.

1852 Glen Campbell

El Paso, TX 79936

(915) 317-3208




Solar Heating Sun Tracking Systems

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